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Ed Martin’s Pro America Report: PSSTListen up for VP ( – 02/02/2024)

Ed Martin’s Pro America Report: WYNK: The Character of Dr. Ben Carson ( – 05/09/2024)

#WYNK: Ronna Resigns at RNC

Phyllis Schlafly Eagles · #WYNK: Ronna Resigns at RNC | February 7, 2024 #ProAmericaReport The following is a transcript from the Pro America Report. Welcome, welcome. Welcome! Ed Martin here

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#WYNK: The Era of One-Term Presidencies

Phyllis Schlafly Eagles · #WYNK: The Era of One-Term Presidencies | January 30, 2024 #ProAmericaReport The following is a transcript from the Pro America Report. Welcome, Welcome, welcome. It’s Ed

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Override the Trans Travesty in Ohio

Featured photo by Jason H. Salley. CC BY 3.0 DEED. Ohio is solidly Republican, thanks to Donald Trump’s success in winning over manufacturing workers and rural Americans, and it has

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The Deep State At HUD

When you think about the Deep State, what part of the government do you think of? Maybe you think about the Justice Department, the Education Department, or even the White

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The Ed Martin Movement Podcast

Ed Martin Movement – 5/23/19

In What You Need to Know, the Trump Wave for the European Union starts TODAY. More charades from Pelosi today, but Americans are done with charades and ready for some

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Education Reporter – October 2015

Grading Candidates’ Common Core Fight The Common Core Report: Grading the 2016 GOP Candidates was issued in August by American Principles in Action, The Pulse 2016, and Cornerstone Policy Research

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