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Gun Advocates Rock Richmond

As liberal politicians take control of the Commonwealth of Virginia, they are getting a healthy dose of grassroots resistance by legally armed citizens.  A massive crowd of 22,000 descended on its state capitol in Richmond, and the Democratic … [Continue Reading...]

What Would The Equal Rights Amendment Do About Abortion?

Proponents of the Equal Rights Amendment claim it’s all about giving women equal standing to men under the law. It sounds very poetic if you just listen to their rhetoric. However, as with so much else that the left does, their rhetoric is just that: empty words that sound nice. The grim reality of ERA is that it will … Continue Reading >>

The Ed Martin Movement 1/20/20

Andrea Kaye talks about the Senate and Trump’s impeachment trial. What You Need to Know is the media is trying to protect Biden by attacking Trump’s wealth, but it’s a lie. Trump and his company have lost billions since he took office. The Bidens, on the other hand, have made money hand over fist from political … Continue Reading >>

Trump Backs The Troops With Pardoning Power

The Constitution expressly grants the authority to the president to issue pardons. This power has been repeatedly invoked by presidents beginning with George Washington. Far be it from the Deep State to let little things like the Constitution and centuries-old precedent get in their way. They’ve been obstructing … Continue Reading >>

America’s Pastime In The People’s House

Trump continued a presidential tradition by inviting the world champion Washington Nationals to the White House. Trump got to see the victorious Nats in action when he attended Game 5 of the World Series earlier this year. It should come as no surprise that the media tried to turn even that innocent gesture into a … Continue Reading >>

The Ed Martin Movement 1/17/20

What You Need to Know is the Senate impeachment trial kicks off. Sen. The Dems wanted a spectacle, and they’re about to get one — Trump wins… again. Their dog and pony show transmitting the articles of impeachment to the Senate was met with facts, witnesses, and a legal process that’s shaping up to be … Continue Reading >>

The Ed Martin Movement 1/16/20

What You Need to Know is an explanation of Trump’s Deals Deals Deals! - a mutually beneficial way toward progress. President Donald Trump is the first president in our lifetime who knows how to negotiate with nations around the world, to America’s benefit. Flynn trial update - Your Guide To The Latest Wild … Continue Reading >>