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Ed Martin Movement – 6/13/19

In What You Need to Know, there ARE great young conservatives in America - I just got to know about 200 of them, what the American patent system really does, it's a great sign that Gen. Mike Flynn has hired Sidney Powell. I give my thoughts on vaccines, parents' rights, Big Pharma and Big Government. … Continue Reading >>

The Leftist Deceptions of Environmentalism

The political narrative of the left is not just changing the way people think. It’s changing the landscape of the open market. That is especially true on the issue of climate change. While some of us laugh when we hear Representative Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez say that the world will end in twelve years, there are … Continue Reading >>

Ed Martin Movement – 6/12/19

In What You Need to Know, coming from Eagle Collegians, I’ll tell you what they learned about recognizing a media #hoax. Sen. Josh Hawley is a freshman on the Senate Judiciary Committee, and is a fighter for justice. The Democratic presidential debates are going to be entertaining. … Continue Reading >>

Economics in Christian Perspective

*Previously Recorded by Phyllis Schlafly // June 30, 2010* In order to try to understand what is happening to our economy, Americans need to have basic knowledge of economics. Today I'm going to share with you some thoughts from a book that is not new, but is a good resource without technical jargon. The name of the … Continue Reading >>

Ed Martin Movement – 6/11/19

In What You Need to Know, Ginsburg has spoken. Steven Auth tells his story of being called to be a Missionary to Wall Street. What is happening with the Fed? Jim Hoft of gives an example of how the old media and social media worked together to silence a conservative, how low … Continue Reading >>