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Early Voting Means Brokered Conventions

A brokered convention is the worst nightmare of Democrats and Republicans. No matter the party, not having a nominee who can win the primaries outright fractures the base and alienates supporters of candidates not picked. Neither major party has had a protracted, contested nominating convention since 1952, and neither … Continue Reading >>

Socialism in America: No Laughing Matter

If you look at the history of political movements, conservatives have consistently made the same mistake. When far leftists propose a radical idea, our gut reaction is to say “Oh, that would never actually happen” or “The American people would never get behind that.” It’s happened over and over again. Phyllis Schlafly … Continue Reading >>

The Pro America Report — 03/30/2020

What You Need to Know is the Chinese are lying to us. Understand this: China wants to crash the U.S. economy. They have a plan to destroy us. And they cheat us and lie to us time and again, in cahoots even with the globalist lawmakers in the swamp! But we must not allow ourselves to be deceived any longer. We have to … Continue Reading >>

End Our Deadly Dependence on China

Washington, D.C.:  As the COVID-19 pandemic continues, America is faced again with a decades-old problem: our reliance on Communist China. The Chinese Communist Party is doing everything in their power to shift responsibility for this global outbreak onto the United States. "The latest travesties from … Continue Reading >>

University Hits Delete On Free Speech In Computer Science

Former Google employee James Damore made headlines for calling out overbearing efforts by Google to suppress conservative speech and thought. Now a lecturer at the University of Washington is being suppressed for supporting Damore. Stuart Reges teaches computer science to thousands of students every year. Back in 2018, … Continue Reading >>