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Never-Trumpers Harm Innocent Victims

As Democrats announce their plans to run against President Trump next year, the partisan hysteria against the president grows more intense.  Opposition to Trump now justifies, in the eyes of some, a vicious drive-by smearing of innocent high-school … [Continue Reading...]

They’re ‘Grooming’ Your Children

Libraries are supposed to be places of information and growth. They are supposed to be where we send our children to learn and gain the basic academic skills necessary to succeed in our society. However, LGBT advocates have created a stranglehold on these beloved public institutions by starting so-called “Drag Queen … Continue Reading >>

Changes from Bush to Trump

Amid well-deserved praise for former President George H.W. Bush, unfortunately he did miss the Trump Train.  Yet President Trump is showing his class by paying his respects anyway. It is difficult to imagine two Republicans who are more different from each other than George H.W. Bush and Donald Trump.  Bush based his … Continue Reading >>

Remembering the Legacy of George H.W. Bush

The Bush political dynasty began when George H.W. Bush’s father, Prescott Bush, was elected U.S. Senator from Connecticut in 1952.  A typical liberal Republican of that era, Prescott Bush voted to censure anti-communist Senator Joseph McCarthy in 1954 and he backed his fellow eastern liberal Senator Henry Cabot Lodge’s … Continue Reading >>