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The Folly of Vote-by-Mail for All

The extended national lockdown caused by the coronavirus has led to many ideas for changing familiar patterns of the American way of life. But COVID-19 is no excuse for undermining the integrity of our presidential elections by switching from … [Continue Reading...]

Who Needs Self Defense Laws?

Imagine you had to sleep in the back room of your workplace because people in your apartment had COVID-19. As you sleep peacefully in this unfamiliar place, you are startled awake at 4:30 AM by a deafening noise. It sounds like a shotgun. You peek out of the room to see three masked men ransacking your store, then you … Continue Reading >>

The Pro America Report with Ed Martin — 5/28/2020

What You Need to Know is “giveupitis” - or despair - is contagious. What’s happening in this country is we have a problem where people in positions of influence and authority are just selling despair and it’s catching. Everyone’s talking about how bad things are, and the news is selling only chaos and despair. They … Continue Reading >>

The Stupidity of Feminists

** Previously Recorded by Phyllis Schlafly / May 2012 ** When I visited London, I knew my life as a pedestrian was always in danger. The automobiles were always coming from where I didn't expect them because the Brits drive on the wrong side of the road. Same way for the Brits who visit the United States. An … Continue Reading >>

The Pro America Report with Ed Martin — 5/27/2020

What You Need to Know is election protection is our number one issue.  If the Left win and take over a system, they destroy it. Case in point: Biden is a no-start from the beginning, and after 2016 Democrats know they’ll lose badly this November. What will they do rather than take the fair loss? They plan to … Continue Reading >>

Idaho Protects Girls’ Sports

Idaho is leading the pack when it comes to protecting girls sports. Governor Brad Little signed the nation’s first bill making it illegal for boys claiming to be girls to compete in girls sports. This bill couldn’t come at a better time. Media hype about transgendered young people is reaching an all-time high. Confused … Continue Reading >>