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Trump Realigns the Political Map

After the Republican Party had been declining in strength in the executive and judicial branches, and in the U.S. Senate, Trump’s realignment has brought new life to all three.  The Election Day results dismayed those who predicted a massive blue … [Continue Reading...]

Ed Martin Movement – 11/16/18

In What You Need to Know, Poland has the fastest growing economy in Europe; California’s state budget is so flush words can’t describe it; Manufacturing surge pushes Missouri GDP growth to 5-year high; Roy Moore on judges; In Eagle Action, call your congressperson and senator at 202-224-3121 and say, “Build the … Continue Reading >>

Ohio House Passes Heartbeat Bill

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: November 16, 2018 CONTACT: RYAN HITE, COMMUNICATIONS DIRECTOR St. Louis, MO: By a vote of 58-35, Ohio House lawmakers voted Thursday afternoon to pass the Heartbeat Bill. This bill would protect all babies in utero once their heartbeats are detectable - an estimated 20,000 babies per year. The … Continue Reading >>

The Right Not to be Offended

It’s nearly impossible to be perfectly politically correct! There are many more groups and “identities” to tiptoe around than ever before. Liberals have created an unnavigable patchwork of victimhood. Years ago, Phyllis Schlafly addressed the roots of this issue often in what certainly now seems like the “simple days” … Continue Reading >>

Ed Martin Movement – 11/15/18

In What You Need to Know, What are the risks of the Amazon deal? Ask Scott Walker.  Corey Lewandowski was on Polish TV; Meet Brazil's new Foreign Minister;  Sandi Patty concert at St. Matthew United Methodist Church on Friday, November 30th;  Pastor Randy Dignan of Bible Baptist Church in Jefferson City on why the … Continue Reading >>

Delayed Kavanaugh Vote Was No Sign of Strength

Delaying the Kavanaugh Senate vote in October did not help anyone except those smearing the good man who now sits on the Supreme Court.  Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell promised that Kavanaugh would be confirmed, and he was, but his strategy may have kicked away Democrats who might have supported the nominee.  … Continue Reading >>