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Statehood for the Swamp?

Constitution Day, September 17, marks the day in 1787 when representatives of the newly independent states along the Atlantic seacoast agreed to form a new Constitution on behalf of “We the People of the United States.”  George Washington, who had … [Continue Reading...]

Trump Wins On “Love It Or Leave It”

Americans already knew President Donald Trump as a celebrity and entertainer before liberals began smearing him. That gives him the same Teflon quality Ronald Reagan had. Critics have to pretend Trump has somehow changed, but everyone knows he hasn't. Then they try to overcome that by calling him ugly names like … Continue Reading >>

The Ed Martin Movement 9/19/19

What You Need to Know is the wall is being built, and Trump is ending catch and release. Also, Nancy Pelosi speaks against Medicare for All.  Anthony Hopp discusses the healthcare sharing work of Samaritan Ministries.  Dr. Mary Grabar talks about her new book Debunking Howard Zinn.  Talking with a new … Continue Reading >>

A “Dirty” Word The Left Won’t Use

Despite what the Left would tell you, the term “anchor babies” isn’t a dirty word. Just like “illegal immigrant” is a factually accurate term to describe the people pouring into our nation, “anchor baby” is a factually accurate term to describe these infants that serve as anchors to allow entire extended families to … Continue Reading >>

The Ed Martin Movement 9/18/19

What You Need to Know Is how climate change is killing an American political party — and it is not the Republicans. It just happened in Australia and is heading here. Janie Nitze and David Feder talk about Neil Gorsuch and Disregarding the Separation of Powers Has Real-Life Consequences. John Schlafly joins for … Continue Reading >>

Trump Wins Against Racism Smears

President Trump is a master at controlling the political narrative. With just a single tweet, he can change the news cycle for days or weeks. That’s how he made Democrats jump to his bidding by attacking a handful of extreme leftists for being “a bunch of communists.” Trump’s tweets were a natural response to the … Continue Reading >>