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Trump Demolishes the “Squad”

On Monday, President Trump issued an executive order requiring federal agencies to increase their purchases of products made in America.  Using his authority under the Buy American Act, Trump commanded agencies to increase their purchase of … [Continue Reading...]

Ed Martin Movement – 7/19/19

In What You Need to Know, The Media is lying over and over - trying to convince their own viewers of lies. See the smearing of Ivanka.   Author Peter D’Abrosca on his new book - Enemies: The Press vs. The American People.   A quick promo for Eagle Council XLVIII in September! Don’t miss … Continue Reading >>

Ed Martin Movement – 7/18/19

In What You Need to Know, this is what winning looks like: Trump Administration Ends Family Planning Funds to Abortion Providers.   Peter Zhang of The Epoch Times joins to report on China out of control on the important 20th anniversary of China’s crackdown on a particular spiritual group. Also, a nod to a … Continue Reading >>

“Inclusive” Democrats are Not Inclusive

As Democrats scramble to gain traction for a 2020 presidential run against Donald Trump, they reveal just how convoluted their rhetoric can be. Rep. Eric Swalwell essentially apologized for being a white man running for president. As atonement for his sin against the gods of political correctness, he promised to “pass … Continue Reading >>

Ed Martin Movement – 7/17/19

In What You Need to Know, Trump takes on the left and makes them act crazy: Speaker Pelosi breaks a rule of the House of Representatives; CNN Jake Tapper allows white supremacist on national TV; Romney complains. Meanwhile, Trump polling goes up AND he is enacting changes to asylum laws to stop invasion. … Continue Reading >>

Indoctrinate Kids to Green Their Parents

// Previously Recorded by Phyllis Schlafly // We assume it’s the job of Mom and Dad to tell their kids to eat their vegetables, tum off the TV, and go to bed on time.  It’s the parents’ job to train children to do the right thing, not the other way around. However, the environmentalists are trying to … Continue Reading >>

Oppose HR 582—Minimum Wage Hikes Hurt Low Income Americans

For Immediate Release: July 17, 2019 Contact: Ryan Hite, Communications Director Washington, D.C.:  The House is expected to vote on the Raise the Wage Act (H.R. 582) this week, raising the federal minimum wage to $15 an hour. This move would eliminate an estimated 1.3 million jobs and as much as $9 billion in real … Continue Reading >>