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Impeachment Hearings Are a Bust

Television ratings for the impeachment hearings have been a bust, far less than the viewership during Watergate or Clinton-Lewinsky.  Even the testimony of ex-FBI director James Comey and future Supreme Court Justice Brett Kavanaugh drew higher … [Continue Reading...]

‘Climate Change’ Analysis Now Required

**Previously Recorded by Phyllis Schlafly, 11/30/2010** A "climate change" analysis is now required for most new projects initiated by the National Forest System, which is an agency of the U.S. Department of Agriculture.  This new rule is now requiring speculation about the project's impact  on climate, and inclusion … Continue Reading >>

Sarah Pitlyk Is An Excellent Choice for the Federal Bench

For Immediate Release: November 20, 2019 Contact: Ryan Hite, Communications Director St. Louis, MO:  Maine GOP Senator Susan Collins announced she will oppose President Trump's judicial nominee for the Eastern District of Missouri, Sarah Pitlyk. This is a terrible move. "Sarah Pitlyk is a stellar choice for a … Continue Reading >>

The Ed Martin Movement 11/19/19

What You Need to Know Is the sham impeachment is missing a crime. Witnesses today admitted there was no law or rule breaking. Also, Army Lt. Col. Vindman admitted he was the leaker! And everything after that is really exculpatory. Salena Zito gives us a history lesson on Lincoln’s Gettysburg Address.  … Continue Reading >>

Planned Parenthood Unveils Secret Mega-Clinic

Pro-life warriors everywhere can rejoice knowing that Planned Parenthood is on the run. Efforts like the highly successful Heartbeat Bill have threatened their ability to operate their abortion mills in multiple states. However, we shouldn’t deceive ourselves into believing our fight is over. The nation’s largest … Continue Reading >>

The Ed Martin Movement 11/18/19

What You Need to Know is the real scoop and back story about Roger Stone - a betrayal of We the People by the Justice Department, part of the Executive Branch, and the false scales of our system of justice.  The DOJ is punishing the man who did most to expose the attempted coup by the Deep State against the … Continue Reading >>