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Gun Control Goes Stealth

The horrific massacre at the New Zealand mosque has incited demands for gun control there, but surprisingly not here in the United States. The contestants for the Democratic presidential nomination have been remarkably silent on the issue of the … [Continue Reading...]

Google Work on AI Directly Benefitting Chinese Government

For Immediate Release: March 22, 2019 Contact: Ryan Hite, Communications Director Washington, D.C.:  In a story developing since last week, information from the Department of Defense is revealing that while Google has refused to work DOD, their work on autonomous technology in China is directly benefitting the … Continue Reading >>

Allegiance Replaced With A Grievance

There are certain things that unite all of us as American citizens. I’m not talking about baseball and apple pie. I am talking about the fundamental values that we share. We might have differences of opinion on almost every issue, but you will be hard-pressed to find someone in America who has a problem with “life, … Continue Reading >>

Ed Martin Movement – 3/21/19

In What You Need to Know, As predicted, Mueller report yields “no crimes and messiness”; Jack Posobiec tweets about no collusion; Mississippi governor signs bill banning abortion on babies with beating hearts; Dr. Kathi Aultman on 'I'm a Mass Murderer': Former Abortion Doctor Testifies in Support of Heartbeat Bill, … Continue Reading >>

Mississippi Governor Signs Heartbeat Bill Into Law

For Immediate Release: March 21, 2019 Contact: Ryan Hite, Communications Director Washington, D.C.:  Mississippi joined a growing number of states today when Gov. Phil Bryant signed the Heartbeat Bill into law. The measure will take effect on July 1, 2019. "This is another great victory for the fundamental right … Continue Reading >>

New Zealand Gun Control Push Shows Marxist Endgame

For Immediate Release: March 21, 2019 Contact: Ryan Hite, Communications Director   St. Louis, MO:  As New Zealand reels from a horrific, evil act of violence this week, those in power are quickly pouncing on an opportunity to disarm their citizenry. Today, the NZ Prime Minister announced that their nation … Continue Reading >>