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2024 Summit — A Choice Not An Echo

2024 Speakers:

  • John Schlafly, Eagle Forum Education & Legal Defense Fund
  • Will Scharf, Trump Attorney, Candidate for MO Attorney General
  • Mike Davis, Article III Project
  • Carrie Gress, Author, Professor
  • Todd Bensman, Center for Immigration Studies
  • Col. (Ret.) John Mills, Author & Cybersecurity Specialist, Author
  • Scott Walter, Capital Research Center
  • Rep. Pete Sessions, TX-17
  • Michael Waller, Author, Center for Security Policy
  • Jerzy KwaśniewskiOrdo Luris Institute for Legal Culture
  • Craig ShirleyAuthor & Historian
  • Paul IngrassiaNational Constitutional Law Union
  • Cynthia Hughes & Tim HalePatriot Freedom Project
& more!

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