“History proves that the capitalist system works. The countries endowed with free minds and private property rights have been the fastest-growing and the most prosperous.”

Phyllis Schlafly


The Phyllis Schlafly Report

The Phyllis Schlafly Report, published by the Eagle Trust Fund, is now in its 50th year of continuous publication. Phyllis Schlafly's inspiration for the Report was to give people more facts in fewer words for them to use to contact their Congressmen, become engaged in their communities, and to write their own letters to the editor or articles for local newspapers. We are continuing to follow the model Phyllis gave us to keep our subscribers informed on current issues. To subscribe, please contact the Eagle Trust Fund.



The Phyllis Schlafly Report Column

The Phyllis Schlafly Report Column is the syndicated weekly column written by John and Andy Schlafly, two of Phyllis Schlafly’s sons. Originally started by Phyllis Schlafly in 1973 under the name PS to the News, John and Andy carry on her legacy by providing current and insightful commentary through the Phyllis Schlafly Report Column each week. In addition to publication on the Phyllis Schlafly Eagles website, the PSR Column is published on a variety of conservative news sources including townhall.com and wnd.com.


‘The Mooch’ Shakes Up Washington
By: John and Andy Schlafly

“The Mooch,” as everyone calls President Trump’s new communications director Anthony Scaramucci, is a brilliant hire by Trump to reassert his authority in a fractious White House.... Read More

Derrick and Orrick’s One-Two Punch Against Trump
By: John and Andy Schlafly

A new duo of Derrick and Orrick, whose names remind us of Shakespeare's Yorick as well as Barack, the president who appointed them, delivered a one-two punch against President Trump last week. ... Read More

Can Trump Save Western Civilization?
By: John and Andy Schlafly

Can Western civilization survive? Does it even still exist? Liberal intellectuals have already consigned that term to the proverbial “ash heap of history” along with such ailments as ra... Read More



The Phyllis Schlafly Report Commentaries

Since 1983, the Phyllis Schlafly Report Commentaries has delivered a thoughtful, clear voice on behalf of the family, traditional values, and a strong America. Every weekday on more than six hundred stations, the Phyllis Schlafly Report Commentaries equip listeners with insights and solutions on a wide variety of issues that affect the family, community, and nation. Since Phyllis Schlafly’s passing in September 2016, the PSR Commentaries have been edited and voiced by Ryan Hite, and authored by Ryan, Jordan Henry, John Schlafly, and Andy Schlafly.




Trump Should Call His Opponents’ Bluff
By: Ryan Hite, Jordan Henry, John and Andy Schlafly

An important reason why Phyllis Schlafly enthusiastically supported Donald Trump for president was because, in her words, “He has fight in him.” Nearly every day he proves that to be tr... Read More

Feminists' ‘Three Tactics’ Still Used Today
By: Ryan Hite, Jordan Henry, John and Andy Schlafly

By February 1978, proponents of the Equal Rights Amendment were becoming desperate. Ratification of ERA had come to a stand-still. To regain momentum, the feminists turned to the same old liberal t... Read More

Fourth Circuit Leaves Logic Behind
By: Ryan Hite, Jordan Henry, John and Andy Schlafly

As we discussed yesterday, the U.S. Court of Appeals for the Fourth Circuit is using it’s 10-5 Democratic majority to railroad the Trump administration based on hearsay, their own conjecture ... Read More



Phyllis Schlafly Eagles Radio Live

In the tradition of the Eagle Forum Live radio program, the Phyllis Schlafly Eagles Live Radio Show is hosted by Phyllis Schlafly Eagles President Ed Martin with longtime Eagle Cherilyn Eagar. The show airs from 10:00 AM to 11:00 AM CST Monday through Friday. Originating at AM 1640 KTALK Media in Salt Lake City, UT, the show is broadcast live from the studios of KTALK Media in Salt Lake City and America’s Future Studio in the Phyllis Schlafly Center. Each day, Ed and Cherilyn talk about timely topics and feature a number of guests, including Phyllis Schlafly Eagles staff, Phyllis Schlafly Eagles state leaders, and other important conservative figures. The show is streamed live online at ktalkmedia.com and redstatetalkradio.com.


Radio Live: Jon Huntsman Ambassador To Russia, UT Liberal Governors, Rand Paul On Repeal
By: Ed Martin and Cherilyn Eagar

Host Cherilyn Eagar talks today with John Schlafly on his weekly column with Andy Schlafly. Topics include: Jon Huntsman as Ambassador To Russia, Utah's liberal governors, and Rand Paul on the ... Read More

Radio Live: Finally Obamacare Repeal, Who Is John Curtis, Phyllis Schlafy On Abortion And GOP
By: Ed Martin and Cherilyn Eagar

Host Cherilyn Eagar talks about hot topics today - Finally an Obamacare repeal! Who is John Curtus? Phyllis Schlafly from the archives on abortion and the Republican Party.    &... Read More

Radio Live: Chaffetz Resignation, Charlie Gard Seen By US Doctor, McCain And Healthcare Vote
By: Ed Martin and Cherilyn Eagar

Hosts Ed Martin and Cherilyn Eagar talk about the latest news and headlines. More on the Jason Chaffetz resignation and on who his replacement might be! British infant Charlie Gard seen by US docto... Read More


Education Reporter

The Education Reporter has been published monthly by the Eagle Forum Education & Legal Defense Fund and mailed from our Alton, Illinois office since 1986. It is an excellent source for information on what is happening in schools all across the United States. You will find timely information on Common Core and who is behind it, the NEA and how their anti-parent policies affect families all across the nation, the latest fads and fallacies promoted by public schools, what your children and grandchildren are being taught (and why), and information on homeschooling. This publication is a must-read for anyone who is concerned with the health and welfare of future generations of Americans. Virginia Barth has served as the editor of the Education Reporter since 2012.

Subscriptions of the Education Reporter can be purchased from the Eagle Forum Education & Legal Defense Fund for $25 by calling 618-462-5415.


Education Reporter April 2017
By: Virginia Barth, Editor

                                              ... Read More

Education Reporter March 2017
By: Virginia Barth, Editor

                                              ... Read More

Education Reporter February 2017
By: Virginia Barth, Editor

                                              ... Read More


Celebrating Fifty Years of the Phyllis Schlafly Report

We are celebrating the 50th anniversary of the Phyllis Schlafly Report by re-releasing Phyllis’s finest reports and connecting them to today’s hottest issues. Jordan Henry, Director of Research for the Eagle Forum Education & Legal Defense Fund, releases a new article in this exciting series every Thursday. Over fifty years of publication, Phyllis wrote about nearly every topic across the political spectrum. As we look through these important pieces of history, we will see arguments and insight that is just as timely today as it was when it was written.


From Passionate Patriot to "Intelligent Candidate"
By: Jordan Henry

The mainstream media and mainstream culture have a way of making candidates think they know what the people want. However, knowing what people actually want is an art form that very few people have... Read More

Giving Real "Choice" In Education
By: Jordan Henry

Conservatives are given a lot of bad press for being “anti-choice” but they are actually much more in favor of real choice than their liberal counterparts. Of course, I am not talking a... Read More

"Awakening Parents" On Education Rights
By: Jordan Henry

Throughout the years, the Phyllis Schlafly Report has been more than a source of conservative commentary and talking points. To a great extent, the purpose of the PSR has also bee... Read More



Press Releases

Press releases are an important part of the work of Phyllis Schlafly Eagles. No matter what the topic, we are dedicated to releasing timely information to the public to keep them informed about what is going on within our organization and around the nation.


The Day ERA Died
By: Ryan Hite

Today we celebrate the anniversary of freedom for the American family.  On this day, June 30, 1982, Phyllis Schlafly and her dedicated army of volunteers laid the Equal Rights Amendment to res... Read More

Conservatives for Property Rights
By: Ryan Hite


 <... Read More



Legislative Alerts

With our presence in Washington, DC, our legislative alerts are an important part of keeping American citizens informed about what is happening on Capitol Hill and in the White House. Legislative alerts are also a chance for citizens to take action and have their voice heard on issues that are important to them.



New Year's Resolutions for State Legislators
By: Phyllis Schlafly

The biggest news of 2010 was the gain of 690 state legislative seats by Republicans and their capture of both State Houses in 26 states. Here are some New Year's Resolutions for laws they shoul... Read More



Phyllis Schlafly Speaks

The Phyllis Schlafly Speaks series is a collection of books released by the Eagle Forum Education & Legal Defense Fund to give the public access to Phyllis’s writings on a number of important topics. These volumes are available for purchase by calling 314-721-1213.

To view a list of released volumes in the Phyllis Schlafly Speaks series and to see a list of the many books written by Phyllis Schlafly in her lifetime, please click here.


For a list of books authored or edited by Phyllis Schlafly, click here.