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Not a Million Moms, Just Multi-Million Dollar Media
By: Phyllis Schlafly

The Million Mom March was not a grassroots uprising of mothers but a slick media event orchestrated by Bill Clinton's public relations experts and led by a sister-in-law of a close friend of Hilla... Read More

Why Russia Is Not A Market For U.S. Goods
By: Phyllis Schlafly

Have you wondered why the White House, Congressional leadership, and the multinational corporate lobbyists are staking all their financial and political capital on trade with Communist China, but appe... Read More

Winners and Losers In The Elian Face-Off
By: Phyllis Schlafly

If anyone has any doubt which side of the Elian debate the media are on, that doubt was dispelled by the media's peculiar silence about the way the NBC crew assigned to supply video footage to the... Read More

What's Risky Now?
By: Phyllis Schlafly

Candidate Al Gore's favorite word is "risky." If George W. Bush calls for a tax cut, Gore calls it a risky tax cut. When Bush makes any proposal, whether on health care or Social Securit... Read More

Will Congress Kowtow To Communist China?
By: Phyllis Schlafly

President Clinton's Chinese benefactors and the multinational importers are demanding that he bully Congress into continuing China's Most Favored Nation (MFN) trading status, already renamed N... Read More

Are Schoolchildren For Sale to Advertisers?
By: Phyllis Schlafly

Corporate advertisers know that their television audience is dwindling rapidly. It used to be so easy to market their products to tens of millions in neat 30-second segments efficiently placed on the ... Read More

Education Reform? The Devil's in the Details
By: Phyllis Schlafly

Congress is about to pass legislation that will federalize every local school district and spell the end of local and state control of America's public school classrooms. Mindful of Ronald Reagan&... Read More

What's Different About Census 2000?
By: Phyllis Schlafly

The U.S. Constitution requires Congress to make an "actual enumeration" of the American people every ten years, and for two centuries the exercise of this power has caused little controversy... Read More

Parents, Are You Ready To Teach Your Kids Arithmetic?
By: Phyllis Schlafly

Parents are starting to realize that "fuzzy" math courses (variously called "whole math," "new math" or "new new math") are producing kids who can't do arit... Read More

Where Will The McCain Voters Go?
By: Phyllis Schlafly

When the presidential campaign got underway this year, the media were eagerly anticipating the prospect of a moderate on each ticket to challenge the two parties' anointed nominees. The contest mi... Read More

Human Chop Shops Exposed
By: Phyllis Schlafly

Have you ever wanted to buy the brain of an eight-week-old baby? You can, for $999. Did you ever think you'd want a baby's eyes or liver or gonads? Yours, for $75, $150 or $550 respectively. ... Read More

Questions Presidential Candidates Ought To Answer
By: Phyllis Schlafly

We're coming down the stretch of Primary Season 2000. It looks like the cash winners are the pollsters who are hired to produce new rankings every day, and the losers are the many pundits whose pr... Read More

Anthrax Vaccine Scandals Won't Go Away
By: Phyllis Schlafly

It wasn't just idle words when Bill Clinton said he "loathed" the military. He has damaged U.S. Armed Services in so many ways that it's no wonder morale, recruitment and retention l... Read More

Let's Celebrate George Washington's Birthday
By: Phyllis Schlafly

Don't be misled into thinking your February holiday is Presidents Day. Your calendar is in error if it says that. The legal name of this holiday, continuously since 1879, is George Washington'... Read More

Clinton Panders To The Feminists Again
By: Phyllis Schlafly

President Clinton has just proved again why the feminists, during all those embarrassing months last year, continued to defend behavior that no sane woman would tolerate in a public official, a boss o... Read More

Clinton Is Running For Santa Claus
By: Phyllis Schlafly

Bill Clinton didn't just misspeak, he uttered a Freudian slip when he said that "the Vice President launched a new effort to help make communities more liberal." That's exactly what ... Read More

Money Isn't The Solution To Illiteracy
By: Phyllis Schlafly

When former Netscape president James L. Barksdale announced a $100 million gift to promote the teaching of reading in Mississippi, he certainly dramatized the current scandal of illiteracy in America.... Read More

Let Elian Have His Day In Court
By: Phyllis Schlafly

The mother of six-year-old Elian Gonzalez sacrificed her life so that her son could grow up in America. Her dying wish, according to a Cuban man who survived for two days on an inner tube, was that El... Read More

For Starters, the Government Should Do No Harm
By: Phyllis Schlafly

In the televised presidential debates, Alan Keyes keeps reminding us that moral and cultural issues are paramount, and he challenges the media and his opponents to address them. While most would conce... Read More

Y2K and the Man of the Century
By: Phyllis Schlafly

Most Americans have concluded that the media hype about Y2K computer breakdown and terrorism dangers were mostly that, just hype, probably for the purpose of maintaining media ratings since the Monica... Read More

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